Some more goodies for version 1.8.2

Following on from last week’s release, there’s just time for one more update before Christmas. A couple of user interface improvements that didn’t quite make it into the previous version:

  • An “are you sure?” prompt for global editing – a small change with a big benefit. Before altering many records at the same time, the system tells you
    • How many records will be affected
    • What the change will be
  • Improvements to the count of records displayed – you can see the total no. records in a report even when they’re not all on screen. The count updates as you filter.

Version 1.8.1 released

Apart from some minor performance improvements and bugfixes, the major work for this release has been in improving the Graphical User Interface of portalBase

  • New interface for editing application modules, under ‘Administration’
  • Modules can have user-set icons and colours
  • The selected record in the report view is easier to read