Gamification of Learning for Sun’s Sales Team

Over the last five or so years there is one topic, gamification, that has really got people talking. (For the sake of this post gamification is the bringing of game mechanics and dynamics into the development of enterprise software usually to increase the depth and speed of adoption).

Enterprise software can be reallyyyyyy dull. Getting employees to use it fully is becoming increasingly difficult as people become familiar with slick consumer apps at home.

However most discussions of gamification of enterprise applications often comes down to two very basic concerns.

  1. How can we use it without it being annoying?
  2. Where can we use it without destroying one of the key underlying elements, games aren’t mandated they are about the freedom of choice?

Sun use a structured Sales Methodology and this article explains how they successfully used some gamification ideas in the creation of their e-learning environment for their global sales team.

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