Agilebase, BYOD, BYOT and CITE

The battle in businesses over BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is pretty much over and IT departments are now having to deal with the impact (largely security related) that this is having on their business.

I think for most of us this was always going to be the outcome, the benefits where so obvious and compelling (fun?).

However some observers have also been describing a far broader trend, CITE (Consumersiation of IT in Enterprises) the outcome of which is less easy to predict. At Agilebase we have a very keen interest in the outcome as you can imagine. So I thought I would try to clarify what my thinking is on this at the mo.

Basically CITE includes what a friend called BYOT (Bring Your Own Tools) which is like an extension of the “Personal Productivity Tools” logic of MS Office etc. People are increasingly choosing from a massive range of cloud based tools (dropbox or google drive) instead of using internal  IT. Generally this is because internal IT is less well funded, often rather clunky but most importantly really slow to change. Staff are building workarounds to deal with the functional deficits in their core system.

Often this approach is fine.

However the downside of this is the loss of the gains that come from a core shared system. Tools can be fine for hard pressed individuals / teams but it is often only systems that can deliver for entire organisations. An alternative approach to pure BYOT can be called “Citizen Development” where staff are also working on the core system not just bypassing it entirely.

This month Freeform Dynamics, published a really interesting research article called “Freedom Without Anarchy”. In it they quantify the challenge most legacy systems face re “Citizen Development”.

Agilebase embraces “Citizen Development” 100%. We believe in making development of core systems really simple and quick to entice staff away from the BYOT path!

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