2013: Progress, partners and prospects

ImageAgilebase is 5 years old and we would like to say a big “thank you” to all the guys we have worked with over these years for their support, ideas and enthusiasm.

When set out 5 years ago we believed traditional software was so difficult to develop it would never be able to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of the types of dynamic businesses we had as customers.

We had a vision to build a software tool that was so simple to understand and use that it would allow non IT staff to really control this whole process. We have been lucky enough to find several really passionate organisations who shared this belief and our vision remains unchanged.

We are really looking forward to pushing the boundaries with them into the future!  We hope you enjoy the ride with us.

So what does the future hold?

ImageSimon has joined our team to help kick-start our partner focus. Over the past 5 years we’ve grown agilebase through word-of-mouth recommendations, and we now work with a variety of organisations in completely different industries.

We’ve reached the point where we think we can grow agilebase more fundamentally, so we’ve set up a partner program to enlist partners to help us find and develop new customers. In fact, we’ve just signed up our first new partner in the last week.

Partners range from those who simply refer new business to those who can liaise with the customer through the whole process, but at every level there are great incentives for partners who’d like to get involved. And of course the more involvement you have, the greater the level of reward. For more info, see: www.agilebase.co.uk/?page=partners.html

ImageThis change of focus is a good time to introduce our new brand as seen on the website. It’s not just a superficial ‘look and feel’ change, the concepts behind it – simplicity and friendliness – will be directly incorporated into a next generation interface that is currently being brainstormed.

This new ‘social’ interface will

  • be colourful and friendly
  • allow Twitter-style staff comments and messages
  • allow really simple ways of accomplishing specific tasks for certain types of users

For example the casual user who just goes in to add a contact to the system every now and again doesn’t want to see the full range of options open to him or her with agilebase. They just want a simple screen which lets them do what they need.

This is all based on feedback from existing and potential clients, for example the client who built a simple iPad form app to gather signup details from trade shows. If you’d like to add your voice to the mix and help shape our future development, please let us know.

Interact with us on Twitter!

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