app launcher beta testers

We’re looking for beta testers for a new app launcher we’re developing. For companies who’ve created loads of agileBase modules, this helps organise them into apps.

The aim of this development is to build a new interface that is
  • simpler for those new to agileBase
  • faster for power users
  • more app-friendly

whilst retaining the normal interface for expert users who want to access to all areas of the system.

Here’s a really quick video, just to show what it looks like:

Getting in touch will let you influence the course of developments before they go live (not that you can’t afterwards).

The launcher can load when you log in, and/or when you click the ‘apps’ icon on the far left in the toolbar.

You can choose which modules appear for each app. For example, when using a timesheet app, you also may want to see ‘projects’ and ‘expenses’.

Clients – let us know if you’d like a test. Trial users will be signed up automatically.

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