What’s coming in January 2022?

Things have been ramping up towards the end of the year here at agileChilli HQ. Alongside a lot of marketing and product development, there have been some major improvements and new features for the agileBase platform.

On that front, there are three major things we can announce, which will be going live in January 2022.

  1. Drag and drop cards interface
  2. New developer interface
  3. BI dashboard facilities

Each of these is so substantial that it requires its own post – click the links above [check back here in a mo] to go through to full details of each.

Alongside these major additions, a number of smaller tweaks and changes have been made:

  • When a field is marked ‘mandatory’, people will still get the option of leaving the record without filling it in (after being prompted) – the vast majority of feedback is that most times a value is left out, it’s because it’s impossible to fill it in at that point in time
  • RSS functionality has been removed – the facility to generate public RSS feeds is not used by anyone any more. Removing it makes the system more maintainable and reduces the potential attack surface, i.e. increases platform security.
  • The codebase has been updated to take advantage of new Java 16 features – the use of this new Java version also results in a higher performance and more secure system.
  • More robust views – views which were particularly slow could sometimes break due to timeouts during processing. This won’t happen any more – of course if a view is particularly slow, you should still address that using performance optimisation measures

Finally, one change which is not in this release but will be coming soon afterwards is that simultaneous logins will be disallowed. When someone logs in with a particular username, anyone already logged in with that username elsewhere will be automatically logged out.

Exceptions will be allowed for

  1. administrators, who often need multiple sessions, sometimes on different machines or browsers
  2. separate sessions in the same browser on the same machine – it’s often useful to keep two tabs open using a tool like SessionBox or in private browsing tabs for example.

Remember that to allow access from lots of people from outside your organisation cost effectively, you can use the new Community Users mechanism

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