A new drag and drop cards interface

The first in our list of three major features being released is the drag and drop ‘cards’ interface – also described as T-cards, or for use as Kanban boards. In essence you can set any view to use the cards interface and it will display each record as a card, within columns. The columns are generated from the list of options in a dropdown field of your choice from the table.

So for example, you could have a list of sales enquiries, each column representing a different stage in the sales process. Dragging a card will move a sales enquiry from one stage to another. Or you could use it for issue tracking or todo lists. Each card would then be an issue/todo, moving between states like ‘todo, doing, done, tested’ for example.

This is something you can do outside of agileBase with a dedicated third party tool, but the benefit of having the capability inside aB is that the data is (or can be created as) your core business data inside the system. There’s no need for complex integration and you can configure the system to suit you quickly, as with any other development in agileBase. Other platform functionality, such as the ability to run a workflow when a card moves columns (e.g. to inform someone or chase for documents), works out of the box.

This is a paid feature, as it opens up a whole new way of working, similar to various third party products, but keeping the data centralised and shared. The cost is a simple £10/month per user for access to any cards view. As many card views can be created as necessary for the business, by an agileBase developer. Any user who hasn’t been set up with access will still see the data in those views, but will fall back to seeing them in the standard rows and columns.

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