Contract and expand take 2

Last month we introduced a way to simplify data entry screens by contracting blocks of fields under each heading on the page. The user can expand and contract the blocks to suit them and see just the information they’re interested in.


It’s been gratifying to hear that many customers love that functionality, so we’ve spent a bit more time finessing it to make it more useful for more people.

An administrator can now configure whether each block (i.e. section) should be initially expanded or contracted based on rules. So for example you could set different blocks on a form to expand based on where the record is in a process. So now, the state of a block is set by

  1. Whether the user has manually expanded or contracted a block. This always takes precedence, blocks stay expanded/contracted for all records the user opens until they log out
  2. What an administrator has set as the default state – see below
  3. If no state is set, all blocks will normally be expanded, unless there are 10 or more blocks in the table, in which case all will contract

Setting up the rules

As an agileBase administrator, it’s easy to set up rules for whether to expand or contract each block the first time a record is loaded. It uses exactly the same mechanism as for most other agileBase user interface rules, such as hiding or showing fields or tabs, locking or unlocking fields etc. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a view from the table you’re working on. Add filters to it so any records which should be initially expanded are included in the view, any which should be contracted are excluded.
    For example, in a sales enquiry, you may want to expand an ‘outcome’ section if the status is set to ‘closed’. Create a view ‘closed enquiries’ with the filter status=closed.
  2. In the fields tab of the table, find the separator field that marks the start of the block, ‘outcome’ in our example
  3. Click ‘field options’ and for the ‘expand if record in view’ option, select the view you just created

Please carry on sending feedback, we look forward to hearing from you



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