Contract and expand blocks

Today we launch a new feature that turns complex data entry pages into simple and easy to grasp screens.

Why do we need to do that? Simply put, the power and complexity of the applications customers (and ourselves) are building on the agileBase platform has increased so much over the years. As more features are added, screens become bigger.

As you may know, you can group a collection of fields together into a block by adding ‘separator’ fields. This new feature simply allows a user to expand or contract a whole block of fields by clicking on the heading.

Blocks which have been contracted will ‘remember’ they’re contracted throughout the whole session, until the user logs out, whichever record the user loads.

This is what a page can look like with all blocks contracted


compared with the same page with everything expanded:


With blocks contracted, it’s much easier to see the structure of the page – the person looking at it can then expand out any blocks they’re interested in.

Now as the first release of this feature, the implementation is reasonably basic – everything starts expanded as normal and it’s down to the user which blocks they’d like to contract (the system does remember their selection as long as they’re logged in). We’re sure there’s plenty of scope for making even more improvements and we’d like to hear what you have to say.

Please let us know at what ideas you have!

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