Hiding and showing tabs

This update has been requested by a few different customers. Similar to hiding and showing form fields based on criteria, tabs, or groups of fields, can now be hidden in the same way.

This is great for setting up workflows. If you have a process where different sets of fields become active at different times, like a sales funnel or customer service calls, these can automatically appear/disappear as tabs.

Another use is for when certain groups of fields are only relevant for some records – for example if you sell different classes of food or products to which different sets of regulations apply. These can be separated into tabs

Setting up

  1. set up a view containing a filter to only show records that should show the tab
  2. in the table’s manage tab, in the setup block for the tab you want to show hide, select this view for the ‘show only if in view’ option

show only if in view

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