Two features come together to enhance the editing experience

This month we release two new features that together offer the ability to show exactly which fields a user should see on screen at what time.

Take a sales opportunity for example. Maybe when the outcome becomes ‘won’, you’d like to fill in some additional information, like the outcome date, the quote value accepted and perhaps attach a purchase order.

Or for a customer record, you can have two different types of customer such as public and trade, each with slightly different data visible.

So our first feature is the ability to hide or show specific fields based on simple or advanced criteria. Criteria are specified in a view, so you can if you like have really complex logic, or you can just make the visibility depend on the value of another field in the table.

The second feature is a field option that causes the screen to be refreshed whenever the value of that field is changed.

So in our opportunity example above, applying the field refresh to a ‘status’ field and the having the outcome visibility depend on status, would mean that as soon as the status changes to ‘won’, the outcome fields pop up.

There are of course many more uses, as agileBase is used for all sorts of custom data structures. We look forward to our customers finding out new possibilities.

outcome status

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