Introducing online A3 reports tool

Over the last 5 years we have worked with numerous service sector SMEs helping them to not only solve problems but to also think about how they could solve problem in a Lean way. We have found clients really like the simplicity of the A3 report process that was developed by Toyota. (For some background on what an A3 report is, have a read of the A3 reports blog).

But we believe there are some issues with this paper based system, and we have begun building a simple tool on agileBase that addresses these issues. An early release will be available in a few days. In the meantime, why not read around some of the books and videos referenced in this post?

Dashboard preview

The agileBase dashboard has entered internal beta testing and barring significant problems will be released next month as an add-on. We think this will add a lot of value for executive level staff or anyone who might benefit from a complete overview of the whole system.

It’s not production quality, there are still features to tune and issues to resolve, but if any clients are interested in getting an early preview and giving feedback on direction, please contact to be set up.


What’s new?

GT portalBase has a new name, agileBase. The working title ‘GT portalBase’ was overdue for replacement and the new name simply reflects the nature and purpose of the product, an agile development platform – development with agileBase allowing back office software to be

  • just in time (that is, this week and $ rather than next year and $$$$$)
  • just enough (rather than being swamped by bloatware and complex user interfaces)
  • just for us (customisable to business needs and processes)

Log in at (the old domain will continue  to work as well)

What else?

Today’s release of version 2.5 also adds the ability to create as many summary charts as you like per view – more details in the docs

And coming up

We’re not just changing things on the surface, there are exciting things in the roadmap for the near future. The next development will be a custom addon that adds an executive dashboard covering the entire set of modules in your organisation’s setup, to give a ‘helicopter view’ of all the data as well as automatically highlighting likely exceptions and recent changes. More news on this blog soon…

“See” your organisation – release 2.3

Organisations invariably seek to improve their understanding of how they work and how effective past investment strategies have been.

In service industries staffing costs are often an organisation’s biggest outgoings. Managers need simple quick ways to understand where this resource is  focussed.

IT systems underpin performance. Before deciding whether to commit any further resources, IT managers need an overview of how current systems are being used.

As an agile development platform, portalBase lets you prototype or build new modules, reports and applications at a rapid rate. PortalBase now lets you see what’s functionality is being used within the product, who is using it and how regular this usage is. Equally it lets you see the functionality that has not gained traction.

A new ‘info’ button loads a stunningly simple fullscreen ‘map’ of all the areas of an organisation. Each report or view is a section of the screen – big areas for those that get a lot of use, smaller for those that don’t. Colours give immediate feedback on whether it’s usage is increasing (red = hot) or decreasing (blue = cooling). Hovering over an area shows more stats including the top users.

As one user said, “If I have understood you correctly you monitor the actual use of information? That seems like a very good idea to me as it is one of the ways to find out what information (in the system) actually matters most to the organization. That really helps setting priorities for future development”.

You can try this out yourself from today – just click the info