agileBase importing improvements

This week a number of usability and functionality improvements to the spreadsheet import facility have been made. Many spring from ideas our friends at Argenta have suggested while working on one of their agileBase projects.

These improvements will go live on Monday.

  • There is a new option ‘use default values’ available when uploading new data from spreadsheet. When that’s ticked, any empty cells in the spreadsheet will result in a field getting its default value (as when a record is added manually). If un-ticked, the value will always be imported as blank
  • After a successful import, the system now returns to the view, so you can see the new data
  • If an import is unsuccessful, i.e. if there are errors, the system makes it easier to try another upload immediately, blanking the ‘import file’ field to avoid confusion about which file has just been uploaded
  • Any blank lines in the spreadsheet are now ignored and not imported. Some Excel files can result in blank lines at the end of an exported CSV, due to e.g. formatting or formulas, but no data being present there. Previously these would have been included in the import
  • Workflows now trigger ‘on create’ workflows. If a table has the when a record’s created, run workflow option set, the selected workflow will run when a record is added by a user or via the API. The same option now takes effect when a record is created due to importing data from CSV too
  • Importing duration fields: decimal number fields with the use duration option ticked can now recognise data formatted either as time durations, e.g. ’15:30′ or as a normal number representing a number of hours or time, e.g. 15.5.

Some general improvements have also been made to the platform.

  • When showing the popup relation chooser, there’s the option to select which view to choose records from. System views (i.e. any view in a tile starting with the word ‘system’) are now excluded, unless a particular system view is selected as the default view for the relation. The system is more user friendly
  • The readability of some options has been improved when adding a relation field to a table. Previously the dropdown options were too narrow
  • Decimal fields with ‘show as duration’ ticked now show as durations in views as well as in data entry forms
  • Tiles can now be pinned to the development homepage, in addition to tables and views. That allows quick access to all the views in a tile, as the view list is now also available in the tile editing panel
  • A bug which prevented the removal of some data integrity checks from a table has been fixed

As an administrator, you may notice that when viewing or editing users, there is an extra option ‘learner progression level’. This currently has no effect but in future will form part of agileBase’s learner progression process. You don’t need to worry about that yet, but for those interested here’s some info on what’s coming.

Please feel free to contact us to talk more about learner progression or anything else.

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