agileBase news: test servers and language support

Test servers

Many larger organisations who use agileBase have their own test servers.

This is a service we provide to let people test out changes before making those changes on their live system. This is particularly important where their live system is mission critical.

However, until now, this service has been relatively basic and ad-hoc. We controlled the test servers, so customers needed to come to us to request that a new snapshot be made from their live system. Updating the version of agileBase on the test servers was also a manual task, so they were sometimes out of date compared to the live system.

We can now announce a new, self-service offer that gives control to the customer, removing any delays due to involving customer support. Customers can control snapshots themselves and also take advantage of new features like the ability to try out pre-releases of the agileBase platform.

Details of the service are here:

All existing customers of test servers can have their setup upgraded to the new self-service version at no cost. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time if interested.

Please get in touch if you’d like to set up a new test server for your organisation.

Beta testing multi-language support

Our second exciting announcement is that we now have the facility to automatically translate the user interfaces of apps you create into any language supported by Google Translate. There’s also a manual override option for specifying your own translations of words or phrases.

This feature isn’t yet ready for public release but if you’re interested in trying it out as a beta tester, please let us know.

The names of fields you create, as well as tables, views, help etc. can all be translated with individual users being able to select their preferred language via their profile.
However, content entered into the database by users is not translated. One idea we have to address this would be  to allow popup translations of individual pieces of content, but we are looking for feedback from beta testers on ideas like this to make sure we get the best possible solutions.

Other improvements

The third announcement today is we have today is that a new version of agileBase will be released shortly containing the following fixes and improvements:

User interface improvements

  • Display of months: agileBase typically shows dates in views in the form ’25 Jan 2023′, however for months only, without the day, they have been displayed as ‘2023-01’. That has now been rationalised so in future they’ll display as ‘Jan 2023’.
  • Number alignment in tabs: in a list of rows in a tab, numbers are right-aligned so you can differentiate between tens, hundreds, thousands etc. easily. The column headers are now right aligned too and highlighted for easy identification.
  • Long headings and rows: a bug with the long headings and rows option has been fixed. The proper number of headings is now shown.

Development interface improvements

  • Additional columns for lists of views: when looking at lists of views (e.g. workflow views or all views) on the development homepage, additional information is shown – the last action or error for workflows and the ‘load factor’ for all views. Sorting by the load factor can help identify performance bottlenecks in a system. It’s calculated as the calls per day x the speed of the view in seconds
  • Icon search: when selecting an icon for a tile, you can now search by name
  • When creating a view from a table with many fields, only the first dozen are added to the view by default, saving you needing to pare it back down.

We hope you enjoy these improvements, and please let us know any feedback.

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