Database Performance Upgrades

The database which powers agileBase is PostgreSQL. We’ll soon be upgrading to its newest version – we currently use version 12 and will be upgraded to 14.

From the release notes, “PostgreSQL, an innovative data management system known for its reliability and robustness, benefits from over 25 years of open source development from a global developer community and has become the preferred open source relational database for organizations of all sizes.”

This upgrade should result in a significant speed improvement, allowing more API requests to be processed per second and a zippier experience for everyone using the platform.

Updates included in version 13 are here, highlighting ‘continued performance gains’:

Added for those will be the updates in 14, noting ‘performance improvements for heavy workloads’:

We’ll be using the pg_upgrade tool to upgrade the system with minimal downtime, but there will still be periods of when the database is unavailable as the process completes and the server is rebooted, which will happen a couple of times. We expect this to cover a period of up to half an hour.

Therefore the upgrade will be performed on a weekend evening, on the 11th or 12th June.

If there are any queries or any customers would like to request a different time, please let us know.

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