May agileBase update

We are pleased to announce a few updates and improvements to the agileBase platform this week.

Workflow efficiency

‘Delete records’ and ‘lock records’ workflows now run in a single database transaction. This means that the work is processed more quickly, but if any database errors occur, then rather than locking those which succeed and ignoring any which fail, the system will cancel all changes.

Facilities will shortly be added to the development homepage whereby you can easily see any problematic workflows.

Chaser improvements

A couple of additions have been made to the popular ’email chaser’ feature:

  • ‘thank you’ emails can now automatically be sent to all people who supply the requested information
  • an internal person can be notified of any errors due to mis-formatted email addresses for recipients
  • multiple files from a child table can now be attached to a single chaser email

Please see for more details

Dropdown option popularity

When you filter on a dropdown or tags field, you can now easily see the most and least frequent, or popular values. The most used will be bolder. Hovering over an option shows the count for that item.

For the technically minded, the boldness is calculated on a log scale from the relative number of times that option appears in the view being filtered.

We’ll be in touch again soon with some more development interface improvements, in the meantime keep well and please contact us with any questions.

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