Community support forum and new features

Dear agileBase fundi,

Firstly for today’s update, we’ve got some community building news, as well as the usual feature updates.

Community Support Forum

We’d like to invite you all to join our new community support forum. This is a shared space where you can request support, get updates and have your questions answered.

It’s a real-time chat system which we’ll monitor during the working day so you should be able to get more immediate answers than over email, also everyone will be able to benefit from sharing questions and answers.

If you’d like to make any support request confidentially, then of course you can still email us at

The forum is for agileBase users only, so entry is by invitation. To sign up please 

  1. go to and create an account
  2. let us know the username you created and we’ll invite you in

Once signed up, you don’t need to remember the URL, just click your user icon at the top right, when logged into agileBase, and select ‘community support forum’ – you’ll be taken straight there. The ‘question mark’ help icons scattered throughout the agileBase development interface will also contain a link there, as well as to the relevant documentation page.

The forum currently contains three channels, you can join any you wish:

  • support – for asking questions
  • updates – automated pre-release notifications of new features which have been developed, as well as bugfixes, before they make their way to the live server
  • documentation – automated notifications of new documentation updates – this could be an interesting way to find out about features you may not have come across before

For those interested in the technology, the forum’s powered by the open source communications system, hosted by, a UK headquartered provider.

Feature updates

New for this release are a number of new features requested by customers.

Counts of objects

On the development homepage, in list views, you can now see a total count of the objects on screen, be they tables, views, tiles, roles or users. Filtering the list will update the count.

Where there are other columns that can usefully be totalled or counted, they are too, so just for example you can see how many users have two factor authentication enabled, out of your total number, or for tables, how many contain personal or confidential data and what the total number of records in the system is, across all tables.

To get to the development homepage, simply toggle to development mode (using the toggle switch at the top right of the screen) when on the normal tiles homepage, e.g. immediately after logging in.

Cloning users

Cloning a user is now possible, from the user editing panel. A new user will be created with the same set of roles, privileges and tiles.

Cards interface updates

When a column contains no cards, it will shrink in width, still allowing you to drag cards into it, but not taking up unnecessary space.

Coming in a few months will be the ability to group and re-order cards within a column.


API requests which return JSON now properly set the HTTP response header to type “application/json”

Keep well. We look forward to seeing you in the forum! Thanks to the initial users who’ve helped us test out and get to grips with setting up the technology.

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