Developer features feature complete

Developer interface update

The new agileBase developer interface is now feature complete!

Tables, views, users, roles and tiles can now all be created, edited and removed, without having to switch back to the old administrator interface.

All the feedback from beta testers to date is that this new interface is far faster and more intuitive to use, which is really great.

However, this is only one step on our journey to make agileBase an even better platform for workforce upskilling.

We have always aspired to help those who may have no previous experience of building applications do so by making the system as powerful and yet easy to use as possible.

This release means there is now a consistent base for all features that forms the foundations for these future developments.

This means we will soon be able to add features that guide people through a structured learner progression framework.

To review how the new release works, please take a look at our documentation page

User interface update

On the user interface side (as opposed to the developer interface), there have been a couple of improvements too.

Firstly, loading large views has been significantly sped up. Browser rendering of those views which have lots of rows and/or lots of columns should be a lot more snappy. Note if a view is slow due to other factors, like complex calculations, please contact us and we can advise.

The second update is cosmetic – the display of data cells has been rationalised, resulting in a clearer display of data. Row heights are now more consistent, so all rows in the view should have the same height. Column width is better matched to content, i.e. columns are wider where there is lots of text and narrower where not.

These changes will all go live later this week.

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