The Value of Integrating with Endole

I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear that, at agileBase, we use our platform to build our own back office (which we call OBO).

Basically we eat our own dog food.

Yesterday however, I was really surprised by the value I got from a very small integration we did the previous Friday. So I thought I would share this “discovery” with you.

In the past we used Duedil as our source of financial data on prospects and clients to help us make better decisions during our sales lead qualification process.

Unfortunately, Duedil increased their charges 10 fold and we parted company.

We found a replacement provider in a company called Endole and on Friday got around to setting up OBO to pull data over from them via our API into OBO.

Each company record costs 70p and they seemed to have digitised around the last 8 years worth of financial records from Companies House.

So far so good, I am guessing everyone in a sales role would agree that having rich financial data about prospects and clients can never be a bad thing.

What was different for me was that, this time around, I also imported data for our five biggest competitors. Taking a look at the charts of their financial progress over the last decade, I could see two of the five had experienced major financial events in the last couple of years.

With a small amount of searching using Google I found they had both been acquired by US companies and I hadn’t heard anything at all about this.

Everyone in the company is now aware that we need to track these two competitors far more closely than we had in the past so we can see what impact these takeovers may have on ourselves.

One small inexpensive and simple integration has paid back in my eyes within days.

If you are interested in how we did this, please take a look at this documentation page which runs through the setup.

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