User controlled caching

One of the most effective features we’ve added to the agileBase platform to improve performance is the ability to cache views. That can dramatically speed up views which do lots of number crunching.

A typical example might be something like looking at a product list report which contains all the stats about sales per year, costs, average customer feedback etc. If those calculations look at millions of data points, the view may take a good few seconds to load, but when cached, can be accessed immediately, for sorting, filtering and charting, which makes the user experience a whole lot more friendly.

The only potential downside is that until now there’s been no way for the user to see how fresh the data is. For example if a new product is added it won’t show up in that view until the cache is refreshed, which could be from 10 minutes until up to a day, depending on how the administrator’s set it up.

Now, a message appears at the top of a cached view, showing when it was last cached, when it’s next due to be auto-cached and most usefully, a button allowing the user to manually refresh the data whenever they need to.

cache refresh


If you’re looking at a view which you know is cached but there’s no message there, don’t worry, that’s because it’s only shown when data in the view may have changed since the last refresh time, which the system can detect.

As always, please let us know any feedback you have so we can carry on improving the system in the best way possible.


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