Whatever business you’re in, you’ll likely be meeting and speaking to new people to expand your circles of contacts and customers.

If you’re using the agileBase platform to store your contacts, there’s now a useful little feature which will play you an audio pronunciation of a person’s name, so you can double check it before making the first call. We all know how important first impressions are!


This feature uses the NameShouts service, which was designed for this type of situation. They say:

NameShouts is a name pronunciation tool with a growing database of foreign/unique names. The tool provides you an easy way of finding the correct pronunciation of a client’s name, so you never have to lose a lead because of mispronouncing a person’s name

The database doesn’t cover every name but at the current count includes 15 languages and concentrates on names most likely to be mis-pronounced.

Setting up in agileBase

In the field options for any field that stores a person’s name, simply tick ‘person’s name’. The field can be for forenames, surnames or full names. When that’s done, in the user interface, a little audio link will appear next to names, if they’re in NameShouts’ database.


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