Management reports by email


Oftentimes, there’s lots of really useful and interesting data embedded in systems – as soon as people start using an agileBase system, be that just one department, division or for many different uses across an entire organisation, then patterns and trends will start to appear in the information being processed. They could involve sales figures, lead times, machine reliability and maintenance times, volume of communication with suppliers etc. etc.

However, how likely is it that the people who would find this data interesting see it in a timely fashion? Some may check the dashboards and visualisations in the system regularly, but others may only need to keep an eye on things in an ad-hoc fashion or once a month. These people may not even have a login.

For these cases, you can now generate PDFs containing (amongst other things) charts selected from any part of the system and have them sent out by email. The layout can 0f course be edited in the visual template editor, but the default sizes and fonts are great for display on a smaller device like a tablet – ideal for easy consumption from home.

Information for administrators

The mechanism for doing this is exactly the same as for sending out any other documents automatically from the system, e.g. invoices. The only difference is the ability to embed charts.

When you’ve created a chart (or set of charts), the way to include it is to paste a section of code into a template like

#set($chartReport = $view.getTable("g1) sales targets").getReport("sales target against actual"))

Here ‘sales targets against actual’ is the name of the view containing some charts. ‘g1) sales targets’ is the table from which it’s been built.

Then, create a workflow to generate a PDF from that template and email it out.

We may in future condense this into a backwards compatible but more admin-friendly command of some sort, but we thought that people might like to try it out in it’s current implementation now that the feature’s there.

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