With the release of a new product built with the agileBase platform coming soon (we’re all very busy here!), we’ve been polishing the system and doing some work to make sure that first time users can get all the help they need if and when they need it.

There’s some new introductory help (see the video at the bottom of this page) but as well as the built-in help for various standard actions like filtering, we’ve been improving and adding features to let administrators set up their own help content for various areas of their system. As these features are now built into the platform, you can take advantage of them. They can be particularly useful if for example you take on temporary or seasonal staff, or are growing quickly.

Adding help content

Content can be added to a number of areas:

Individual fields

Sometimes a form field needs a bit of explanation in addition to it’s name (which should be short and descriptive), e.g. if there are rules to follow when filling it in.

To add field help, type into the ‘description’ area when editing a field in the admin interface. If the description’s shorter than 25 characters, it’ll display as a tooltip when you hover over the field. If it’s longer, a question mark icon will appear next to the field. Clicking it will display your help text.



It’s also possible to link to external web pages, images or videos instead of writing text. Just enter a URL into the description and the user will be directed to your help resource when clicking the question mark icon


Help can be added to a whole group of fields by adding a description to a ‘separator’ field in the administrator interface.

An empty view

The first time a new part of a system is used, there may be no data in it. You can now create text to be displayed in this ‘blank state‘. In the manage tab of a table, enter some text into the ‘purpose’ area. This will be shown to the user if there’s no data when they open a tile and look at a view.


Help videos

Finally, to help with the more generic aspects of using the agileBase platform, such as moving around the system, we’ve started making some new videos. Here’s the first, a very quick introduction to navigating and finding data.




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