Per-record actions

Here’s an addendum to last week’s update about letting users manually trigger workflows (chains of actions that run behind the scenes). You can now set them up to trigger not just for particular views, but for individual records.

What that means is a user can run simple or complex custom tasks with the click of a button. Generating a document, sending an email, making a number of record edits with one click, cloning a record in a ‘custom’ fashion – all are now possible and more.

Taken together, the agileBase platform now has a really powerful workflow engine, which can

  • run tasks for records in bulk or individually
  • be kicked off by the user or automatically behind the scenes
  • chain tasks together to carry out many actions at once

Setting this up

  1. As an administrator, create a workflow view.
  2. In a table, add a referenced field, referencing that view

The referenced field will appear as a button in the form when editing a record, with the name of the view. Pressing the button will run the workflow specified, but only for the record being edited, not all records in the view.

(To accomplish this, a filter is added to the view to filter on the row ID of the selected record).


One other more minor change has also been released this week – an update to the ‘history’ function which people can use to look at past edits to the current record. It now shows not only direct edits to the record, but also edits in any tabs (if the tab contains one record only):



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