Data validation

This week we release two major feature updates that improve data validation, both when entering new data manually and importing from spreadsheets.

Validation checks


As you may know, field properties give some control over the data that can be entered. For example, a field may be marked ‘unique’ to disallow duplicates, or the allowable options can be specified for dropdown and tag fields.

However, sometimes more custom validation rules may be needed, for example dates must be in a certain range, text must contain certain characters (as in the screenshot above), or a field may have a maximum length.

We’ve just added a ‘checks’ section into the properties for a table, where you can add these additional rules. Any type of rule that can be used as a view filter (dates newer or older than a certain number of days, field must or must not contain particular text with etc.), can also be used as a table check. Here’s where you enter them:


i.e. go to the manage tab for a table and use the new Checks section. There are a limited number of possible checks there to start with, but we’ll certainly be adding more and if there are any in particular you’d like to use, just let us know.

Spreadsheet import improvements

This is a simple update that much improves the usability of the import process. Rather than stopping at the first error encountered and reporting it, the system now gathers errors from all import lines (at least, up to the first thousand) and reports them all in one go.

No more fixing one error only to find many more on each separate import. You can now quickly get a good idea of how ‘dirty’ your data is at the start of the process.

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