Filtering and more user interface improvements

Thanks to Jeff at Argenta for suggesting our newest feature – quick filtering of dropdowns and tag fields.


Here’s an example of filtering a list of expenses by category. Previously when filtering, you’d have to know what you were searching for. If you needed a reminder, you could of course hover over the column heading and you’d be shown a list/breakdown.

Now there’s a quicker way of filtering. Tickboxes automatically appear for the most popular items (up to 30). You can just tick the items you want to filter – tick multiple items to search for any of them.

Thanks also to @marriagebristol for help with a lot of other UI improvements released recently and in the pipeline. A couple to mention briefly are

  • double clicking on a row in a tab will now load that row full screen for editing
  • when a tab contains many rows, a search box will appear letting you quickly find records (suggested by Lewis Pies)




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