Databases are beautiful

… or at least interesting to look at.

agilebase usage

The above is an example of our newly updated administrator information page – it shows you information about what’s going on in your agileBase account: which parts are most used and by who, trends, capacity and usage etc.

The new addition is the graph at the bottom, which shows the structure of the database, how different parts of the system are connected together. This can be useful when bringing a new developer or admin onto a project for example, or for planning, to see where parts can be trimmed or added.

Sometimes when systems get really large, the graph can look a bit dense and confusing, with lots of interlinking lines crossing each other. To mitigate that, tables with the most connections are split out into their own little sub-graphs. In the example above, the ‘sales enquiries’ table has been split out into it’s own section, with connections to other parts cut. You can then easily see all the other tables that relate to sales enquiries, which would have been more difficult otherwise.

Credit to the Dracula Graph Library used to create this visualisation and if you’re interested in visualisations in general, check out


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