Experimenting with search

We’re trying out a new search feature in agileBase. It’s a way to look across the entire agileBase account, covering all data you have in the system, be that people, organisations, products, recipes, staff, projects etc. etc. But it’s experimental, so we need your help to try it out – please tell us how it works, or how it doesn’t!


To use, move the mouse to the empty area at the top of the screen, in the middle. A large search box will appear, along with tags for types of data that you can find.

Click a tag (or type it), then type what you’re looking for. It might be for example

“person John”


“company agileChilli”

Alternatively, type what you’re looking for (e.g. “John”) then click the tag to tell the system what type of data it is afterwards.

Either way, the top five results will appear, click on one (or navigate with arrows and press Enter) to open the relevant tile and go straight to that record.

Tip: hover over a tag to show what you can search by – person may be ‘name’, ‘phone number’ or ’email’ for example

Admin info: setting up

There’s nothing particular an admin needs to do to make this available to users, but there is some configuration that can be tweaked – the fields that can be searched per table.

Currently, any text field which is marked ‘use as record title’, ‘recommended’ or ‘required’ can be searched. To set these, go to a table in the admin interface, click the fields tab and click ‘edit options’ next to a field.




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