Notice -scheduled upgrade for Sunday morning

Every once in a while, usually every couple of years, we upgrade our servers / infrastructure, to ensure we’re getting the most out of the most recent advances in the underlying database and supporting software. This is in addition to regular minor updates and security patches, which have no impact on availability.

On Saturday 14th May at midnight GMT, we’ll be carrying out some work to install new operating system versions and related software on our servers. This will take one to two hours during which time the agileBase system will be unavailable.

The upgrades have already been tested and we’re pleased to say that they will result in significant performance improvements – some of our customers’ more complex queries will run twice as quickly.

Also please note there will be no change to the agileBase platform itself, so users or integrators calling APIs will notice no change except for a faster response time.

If midnight on the 14th is inconvenient to you, please do get in touch – if there’s any serious inconvenience to a customer we will re-schedule and post a new notice.


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