This is big news for those who use Slack, ‘team communication for the 21st century‘ – or want to.


We’re testing out an integration of Slack with the agileBase platform. That means that agileBase sends notifications through to your team’s Slack app – people can then of course customise the alerts they receive, using emails, Slack’s phone app etc.

In future there’s a lot more possibility than simple notifications – it may be that we create a ‘slack bot’ that lets you find info in AB directly from Slack, creates new records or interacts with processes and workflows inside agileBase. We’ll see what our customers want most – let us know!

For now though, the integration isn’t complete, but is in ‘early access beta testing’. In other words, we’re really keen to see early adopter customers trying this out before a general release, so they can tell us what they think and what works for them. If that sounds like your bag and you don’t mind the odd bug creeping in while trying it out, please do get in touch.

Slack also integrates with a lot of tools that agileBase does too, such as Google docs. That means your organisation’s data is truly accessible wherever you are, on whatever device, not stuck in silos with different information hidden in different pockets within the company.

We look forward to Slack’ing!

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