Calendar attendees

Our Google Calendar integration has proved popular with companies who use Google Apps across their entire company. Each user’s agileBase calendar can be sync’d across to Google – any agileBase record with a date in it can go across, starting with meetings and events but also including anything else you like, such as upcoming training, audit dates, supplier certificate renewals etc.

However, what about teams of people? Sometimes an event is relevant to lots of different people. Now, rather than sync’ing to one person’s calendar and managing sharing it within Google, the process has been simplified so that events going out of AB can have any attendees you specify.

How do you set it up?

Firstly, set up a calendar sync as normal, choosing which person’s Google calendar events should go into. This person will be the event ‘owner’.

Secondly, add a field or calculation called ‘Attendees’. This should list the email addresses or AB account names of anyone else to be invited (separated by commas). So you could have a tags field listing other staff members for example. It can optionally include the event owner, that doesn’t make a difference.

Hopefully this should make managing your team events a lot easier.

Stay tuned for some further integration news, we have some exciting things in the pipeline!


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