Planning and timeline views

agileBase has a new type of view for the calendar – a timeline!


One thing that some of our food production and other manufacturing customers have been asking for is a tool to make scheduling and planning production easier.

So we’ve added a plugin that does just that. It’s a grid view that looks a bit like a GANTT chart – time runs from left to right and event types (views in agileBase) are listed down the side.

Across the top, the time is shown – you can select to see either

  • a whole month, where weeks numbers and days are displayed
  • a more ‘zoomed-in’ view of a week
  • a detailed view of a day, with times of day shown

As with the calendar, you can of course navigate forward and backwards in time as much as you like.

The views displayed down the left are the same as those that can be selected for the calendar, i.e. any agileBase view that contains a date/time. So you can show

  • training records
  • production / fabrication planning
  • scheduled machine maintenance
  • individual people’s diaries
  • etc.

To use the timeline, simply open the calendar and select one of the three types at the top – month grid, week grid or day grid. Another new feature is that every time you change types, that type will become the default the next time you open the calendar.

We’ll be offering this timeline planner free of charge to all users for a month to let everyone try it out. Following that, there will be a small charge to use, as it is a third party tool with a license fee attached.

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