Using multiple browser tabs

Quite often people who’ve been using agileBase for a while find that they’d like to use multiple browser tabs at the same time. For example, to load customer details in one tab and invoice lists in another. This doesn’t usually work unfortunately, due to information being shared between the tabs and the system getting confused about what’s happening.

Our recommendation is generally to use two completely different browsers, e.g. logging in once in Google Chrome and again in Firefox or Microsoft Edge. However as well as the hassle of loading a different browser, this also limits the number of sessions you can have to the number of browsers you have installed.

Recently we’ve come across what looks like a much better way – a Chrome plugin called MultiLogin, available here:


This lets you open as many tabs as you like, each of which can log into the same system but remain separate from the software’s point of view.

Please try it out next time you’d like to use multiple agileBase apps at the same time and let us know how it goes.

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