Importing data

Until now, importing data into agileBase has been an ‘administrator’ function that required use of the admin interface.

However, some customers need to perform imports from spreadsheets as part of their normal working day – for example, doing a weekly import of sales data from partners, to create invoices from, or to import exam marks.

Customers can now use the normal ’tiles’ interface they’re used to to do these imports, from any view.

To perform an import, just scroll to the bottom of a list of data and click the new import icon (an upload arrow in a cloud). The system will prompt you for the type of import (merge or add data) and ask other relevant questions, then let you upload a spreadsheet.


Importing has also been made more user friendly – the columns that you need in your spreadsheet are displayed on screen, numbered/lettered in the same way they are in the spreadsheet so you can match them up quickly.

We hope this is useful to many customers.

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