November has again been a busy month for developing platform improvements that all customer benefit from. Here’s a quick rundown of the major updates.

Charting improvements

  • charts now show numbers on them, useful for printouts or exporting
  • charts can be printed and exported individually
  • it’s now a lot quicker to flip between charts and underlying data


Easier import

When importing, there are additional options on the import screen which make it easy to match data in your spreadsheet to the system. Note most options can still be left at their defaults.

Cloning views

Often people like to create a number of similar views with slightly different criteria, for workflows or reporting. As an example, you may create a number of sales process views such as leads, qualified leads, won and lost.

Now, rather than create each individually from scratch, you can create one then just press ‘clone’ in the view’s manage tab and tweak it by editing filter criteria or fields.

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