Roadmap poll results

If you voted in our roadmap poll last week, you’ll be interested to see the results, here they are, most popular items tallest:

roadmap poll results

What’s clear is that the top items are small usability tweaks which will make day-to-day navigation around the system quicker and easier. The good news is that these items are relatively easy to accomplish compared to some of the more major developments so you should be seeing those tweaks come through quite soon.

Don’t worry if you’ve voted for something that’s low on the list, we realise that different things are important to different to customers, we’ll be talking to you soon too.

Finally, we’ve not been sitting still while waiting for these to come in, one update has already been released that makes navigation back to the homepage a bit quicker. Normally if you’re editing a record, you have to click the back arrow twice to get back to the home page (once to get back to the list, the second to go from the list to the homepage). Now there’s a quick link – just click the big tile icon at the top left of the screen when editing a record to take you directly to the homepage.

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