As new customers have been exploding out of the starting blocks with agileBase, we’ve been gathering the feedback from each customer about what they love and what they’d like to see that isn’t there yet. What’s nice to see is that when we add a feature requested by one customer, so many other people find it useful as well.

We thought we’d formalise this process a bit by showing you the top requests by users as well as a couple of features we’ve thought of ourselves that  we think might be neat. Please take a look and

vote for your top feature(s) to be added

The list isn’t in any particular order and only shows a small selection of the whole of our development list. Some things are definitely in the pipeline, others are tentative ideas. Feel free to vote for one, more or all of them. Also, I’m sure there are many other ideas you creative people have, don’t be shy in sharing those with us too. Here are some brief notes explaining each:

Integrate with

The comments feature of agileBase which lets people communicate and collaborate on data in the system is probably one of the widely used. Some people are such enthusiastic adopters that they’d like to do even more with it, particularly doing things like receiving push notifications to their phones/devices, including attachments and improving private conversations.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, we’re looking at integrating with, a highly rated and popular conversation system, in fact the fastest growing enterprise software in history. Each time a comment is posted in agileBase it will also go into Slack and vice-versa.

Vote for this

A built-in task list

Of course you can build a task list in agileBase, assign tasks to people, tracking completion etc. but there are some ways we could make this even more friendly.

Improve the login process

agileBase necessarily has quite stringent password rules and other security measures – as an app that’s available over the internet that holds mission-critical data that’s very important. One thing that’s definitely on the agenda is adding what’s called ‘two-factor authentication’ to this. Simply put, this means that when you try to log in, you’ll get a text message and/or email with a code that you need to type in, so proving that you are who you say you are.

If that’s set up, password rules could potentially be relaxed allowing easier to remember passwords. If you have a really simple password, you’d be sent a code on every login, if you have a more complex one, only when you log in from a new location.

Request this

By the way, we do also recommend using a password store such as to save people having to remember complex passwords.

More data validation rules

agileBase currently supports simple validation to e.g. stop you entering a decimal number into a whole number field, or restricting the list of values you can choose from.

With this addition, you’d be able to define more complex rules such as ‘an email address has to include an @ sign and a dot’, or ‘a postcode has to be less than 9 characters long’.

More easily accessible charting

There are very easy to use and powerful charting features built into agileBase but the charting button isn’t always obvious, being at the bottom of the screen of a list of data. This change would simply make it more visible and readily accessible.

Reporting-only privileges

People who have ‘manage’ privileges in agileBase can use the full set of reporting features to create their own views of data. However the manage privilege also gives people full control over an underlying table, so they can add, remove and move around fields in data entry forms.

Many users may want the ability to create new views and reports without the worry that they can mess up a system by removing a field that other people may depend on. Of course there are protections in place against accidental deletions but even so, it’s nice to be 100% sure you’re not going to cause anyone else any problems! This change would add that security.

Sending formatted emails

Lots of people are using the automatic email notifications for things like sending invoices to customers, or sending them details and reminders when they book onto an event.

This change would allow those emails to formatted by adding styles, colours, logos etc. rather than sent in plain text.

Improving scrolling

Mac users and people who have mice with scroll-wheels have a bit of an advantage when scrolling through large lists and forms at the moment. We do of course want to make the system as slick as possible for all users and we’re looking at improving this aspect. If you’d like to move this to the top of the list, then please vote for it!

Quick links between different parts of the system

Most systems have many links between different types of data, for example a recipe that links to product and ingredients, a contact that links to address and organisation details or a project that has related tasks. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to edit the full details of a related item without going back to the homepage and opening another tile.

Systems can already be configured to let you edit a subset of key data from another area but this change would let you jump directly to the full record for the related item.

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