Beta test the agileBot

agileBase has a number of workflow features built in that get a lot of use. they work with any app you build using the platform and cover things like auto-setting field values on creation, sending notifications, moving data between views etc.

AB-RobotWe’re now adding a new workflow engine that can automate many more tasks. Meet agileBot! It can automatically edit records and create new records, saving a lot of manual typing.

agileBot can be set up to follow rules for creating new records, or editing values in existing records. The rules can be simple or complex, in fact anything that can be represented by a standard view, which makes it really powerful.

This can be used in conjunction with other workflow features such as the ability to send email notifications or generate documents, and many steps can be chained together. Many business processes can therefore be fully automated.


  1. If the system stores recipes, whenever an allergen is changed, a product spec. doc can be generated and emailed to significant customers
  2. Automatic invoicing – whenever billable events are added to the system, invoices can be generated and emailed to customers or to your account packages
  3. Automated todo’s – when a lead hasn’t had any activity in 2 weeks, add a todo to the relevant salesperson’s diary to follow up, syncing to their Google calendar

Creating a rule

Full documentation will be coming soon to our admin docs website, but here are the basics of how it will work:

A rule is represented by a view. First create the view to represent the rule. The rule can be one of two types

  • create a new record
  • edit an existing record

Any records which become visible in your rule view will trigger the action selected. So add filters (on a calculation if necessary) to select only the records you wish to trigger the action.

The fields in the view will populate the new or existing record.


The agileBot workflow engine will soon be available as an additional option, but for the next month it’s being offered to select clients to beta test before launch. If you’re interested in trying it out for a trial period, or want more info, please let us know.

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