Administrators – keeping track of large installations

Some customer accounts in agileBase are getting pretty large, for instance an enterprise version may contain data for many different companies, spread across hundreds of views.

The user only sees the views necessary for them, arranged into tiles on the screen, but system administrators need to keep track of everything, including views which are used for internal purposes, which end users never see, for example views that control email notifications.

For these administrators we generally suggest arranging system views into modules, each dealing with a certain area, but even so managing everything can get a bit complex.

Today, we’re also introducing view icons, so you can see at a glance what ‘system’ features a view’s used for. In the administrative interface, these are shown just before each view name. Tooltips show meanings and extra information when the mouse is hovered over them.

Here’s the list of icons and meanings

eye This view controls visibility of fields or tabs within the parent table i.e. whether to hide or show a field/tab
lock Controls unlocking of records in the parent table
link A relation field in another table uses this view as a relation chooser
info Data from this view is available to view/edit in the form for another table, using a cross-reference field
list This view populates a tab, or is used as a template for a tab
envelope This view sends notifications
file This view generates documents based on a template

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