Today we can announce a new integration with the service, a simple way of finding postal addresses in the UK.

If you’re filling in addresses for customers, suppliers, members or any other contacts, this speeds up the process so you only have to type the postcode, press ‘search’ then click one of the addresses that match. There’s no need to manually type the whole address into multiple fields any more.

To use, type a postcode into the postcode field and press ‘search for address’. A number of matching options should be shown as in this example:

postcode results

Clicking one of the addresses fills in the full details into all the fields:

postcode chosen

To get this up and running, please contact us for a quote for integration into your system. You’ll also need a license which you can get or purchase from them.

In the meantime if you want to try a few postcodes to check speed and accuracy, just visit and test away.