Automatically emailing documents as attachments

Here’s an update which builds on the update from a couple of days ago about automatically generating documents, e.g. invoices, certificates or event brochures/flyers.

thin-0318_email_attachment-512Once your system is generating documents automatically, you can set it up to email those out to people as attachments, also automatically without any user input. That’s great if you’re processing a large number of documents, for example invoicing hundreds or thousands of people per invoice run – it could be quite a time saver.

To set this up, create an automated notification as normal, to send an email to the intended document recipient. Just make sure that the body ‘template’ contains a reference to the field name of the document that you want to attach – the document field must be in the table that the notification view’s based on.

e.g. your template body could be

Dear {forename},

Many thanks for your custom with us this month. Your invoice {invoice number} is attached.


{invoice file}

Note Рwe recommend setting it up to send to someone within your organisation as a test, before switching to the actual recipient.

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