Triggered personal notifications

With an increasing number of comments and messages being sent in the system, we’ve added a new feature to agileBase – triggered personal notifications.

These are great for keeping staff informed of relevant conversations in a timely way whilst not bombarding them with ‘background’ messages or forcing them to use emails.

Background messages can still be seen using the comment stream on the homepage, so you can look at comments from any areas of the system (or users) that you’re interested in, based on your comment preferences.

The new notifications feature adds a personal notification at the top of the screen whenever a user specifically mentions your name in a comment. This allows people to send personal messages to each other, or flag comments for particular attention by certain people.

Creating a notification

To create a notification to a certain user, add a comment as normal and just include their first name in the text (correctly capitalised). If there’s more than one user with the same first name, include the surname too (or just the first letter of the surname). As soon as a user is recognised, they will highlight underneath the comment.

Here’s an example of adding a comment – the four named recipients will get a personal notification

adding comment

The next time one of the users visits their home screen, they’ll see the notification at the top:


Clicking on the notification will take you directly to the record it’s attached to, along with the full conversation if there is a message history. Clicking ‘OK’ will just remove the notifications – it’ll still be in the comment stream for reference.

Clicking ‘reply’ will let you quickly type a one-line reply, which will go to the original sender as a new notification as well as the comment stream.

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