Holding bay for incoming emails

One of the email integration capabilities of agileBase allows you to attach incoming emails to records, for example contacts or opportunities. When you forward an email to agileBase, the system looks up the corresponding record to attach it to by searching on the email address of the original sender.

A problem occurs when the sender’s email isn’t yet in the system, which can happen if you get an email from a new contact for example. Previously, the email would have been ignored, but now a new feature kicks in to store the email ‘unattached’. The next time a user logs in to the system, they’ll see the email in their comment stream, with an ‘attach’ link next to it. Clicking on that link will let them select a contact (or other relevant record) to attach the comment to.


This feature will probably be bulked out more as we get user feedback – for example, people may want options to see only ‘holding bay’ items or to exclude them from the comment stream.

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