Required fields

agileBase has for a long time had the ability to mark fields as ‘recommended’ i.e. when a record is displayed, if any recommended field isn’t filled in, a conspicuous red block draws attention to it on the screen.

A new feature released today adds a further option to make fields ‘required’. When this is selected, the user won’t be able to leave the editing screen until they’ve supplied the information. Instead they’ll get a prompt asking them to complete it.


The first ‘recommended’ type is called soft validation i.e. the user is prompted to complete but is not forced to. The second is called hard validation, where the user can’t return to other tasks without resolving the issue.

To turn on the required option in the admin interface, go to the table (under ‘build’), select a record and press ‘fields’. Then click ‘field options’ next to the required field and tick the ‘required’ box.

To start with, this option only works with plain text fields but other field types such as dates and dropdowns are soon to follow.

Note: it’s a good idea not to go overboard with enabling this option. There’s a good reason why it’s only being introduced now to the platform – hard validation can make for an annoying experience for users if not carefully designed. It may seem a good idea to enable it for lots of fields but try to think of all the scenarios where a user will be creating or editing a record – do they definitely have the required information in every one?

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