New calendar features


A range of new features have been added to the agileBase calendar recently, to support customers who use the calendar as one of the main mechanisms for data entry. If you’d a demo, please get in touch, but briefly, these are the new capabilities:

  • the ability to choose either month, week or day as the default view when you open the calendar (this is controlled by one of the settings in the calendar tile – click the cog at the top right of the screen to change it)
  • the ability to see ‘week of the year’ numbers in week and day views
  • more colours chosen for contrast so you can differentiate between up to 20 calendars on screen at the same time
  • the ability to quickly turn on and off individual calendars by clicking them (on/off settings are remembered throughout the current session, even if you go out of and return to the calendar)
    Note: you can still choose what calendars are permanently displayed at the top of the screen with the standard checkboxes

Check them out in your system!

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