Much, much easier aggregate reports

A common wish, once people have a system flowing with lots of data, is to query it in aggregate. In other words, summarising the data by counting things or totalling up values of items in different categories.

Here’s an example, a report of the total value of sales in each stage of a manufacturer’s pipeline.


Other examples might be an accounts summary showing profit and loss by year, or sales by salesperson by month.

Often also, you want many figures for the same grouping, e.g. for each month, you could see total sales, total costs, total upsells, number of unique customers, profit, etc. etc.

One way to see these is to use agileBase’s charting features, but often spreadsheet-type reports are better suited to the task at hand. Creating these has also been possible but it often involves quite complex report creation including lots of joins and calculations.

Now, it’s literally been condensed down to ticking one tick-box. In the ‘manage’ tab for a view is a new option ‘use groupings’. Ticking this has a simple effect on the view. Rather than showing one line per record in the database, It will group the view by all the fields visible (excluding any aggregate calculations like totals and counts). So for example, if you create a view containing the field ‘sale status’ (as per the screenshot above), tick the ‘use groupings’ option and add the calculation

sum({sale value})

the outcome will be the example report above. Add as many other calculations or other fields as you like. Each other field will become a sub-grouping.

It couldn’t be any easier. This will not only save hours of work and cost, but let customers take over even more of the build process of an app themselves.

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