Activity history in a sparkline

When looking at a sales-related data such as leads or opportunities, it’s often useful to see not just the data itself but how it’s changed over time. You want to know which opps. are being actively worked, which haven’t had any activity for some time and what conversations are going on with prospects.

Now you can at a glance see not just the last update time, but the ‘shape’ of activity over a period of time. It may look like


a spike of activity at the right, which represents a new record just added to the system,


a record which had a large spike of activity a while ago with only minor updates since, or


which represents a record with a large amount of activity over it’s whole lifetime.

With sparklines next to every record on screen, you can quickly get an idea of the relative activity of each…


The default length of a sparkline is 6 months.

This is just the start of the features we have planned for 2015, centred around enhancing the view you have of your data to add context and improve communication with customers and prospects. Watch this space!

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