Control your notifications

Social CRM with the ability to connect you to your entire network of colleagues could leave some people overwhelmed. Users would rather not be inundated with notifications and information that doesn’t apply to them, slowing productivity and hindering adoption.

agilebase notification options

The agileBase team have worked hard with our clients to create a social system that is entirely designed around the user. With agileBase you have the ability to follow different parts of the system, as well as follow other users. This means you can opt in or out of receiving notifications, comments and email alerts from different parts of your CRM and business software. The notifications you see, are tailored to your own specifications.

If you’re interested in sales, you can follow the sales team so that you receive their notifications and comments in your stream, likewise if you’re not interested in your marketing department you can un-follow them, so that their comments don’t appear in your stream and you’re not alerted by their emails.

This ability to pick and choose, customising your workspace with what you need to see, is a feature that larger organisations we’ve worked with have highly valued. Your organisation’s software should adapt to you and each user should be able to personalise what they see on their screen. This makes your system more efficient and friendly to use.

Coinciding with this feature, we have improved the clarity of notifications in general, altering the email format and marking new comments in bold.

To see the options, click your name/icon at the top right of the screen when logged in, then click ‘notification options’.

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