Keyboard shortcuts

A new set of keyboard shortcuts is now available in agileBase. These are useful for people doing lots of data entry who need a particularly quick way of doing things, for example telesales staff taking an order over the phone, or just for people who like keyboard navigation.


Note, wherever ctrl is used on Windows, cmd can be used on the Mac.

Here’s the list

  • ctrl+a: add a new record (when a tile is open). If you are in a tab, a new record will be created within that tab
  • ctrl+s: save the current record and return to the list view
  • ctrl+p: when a tile has a print template, open the preview for that template
  • ‘<‘ (or shift+comma): go back to the previous view, similar to clicking the ‘<‘ icon at the top left
    This also works if you just press comma without the shift

There are also some keyboard shortcuts specific to the new inline editing facility, where you can just click a row within a tab to edit it. You can turn on inline editing for a tab by editing the tab options in the ‘manage’ section of a table.

  • down arrow: move down to the next row
  • up arrow: move up to the row above
  • tab and shift+tab: navigate between fields within a row

When adding a new line during inline editing (ctrl+a), any relations can be chosen with Enter with tab moving between items.

Here’s an example showing all of the above:


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