Full circle email integration with ’email loopback’

We’ve had email integration in agileBase for a while, i.e. if you’re emailing a customer (or supplier or anyone else), you can ‘cc’ a special email address such as for example contacts@companyname.agilebase.co.uk and the system will attach the email to the contact record in the system matching the email address you sent it to.

email-logoReleased today, outgoing integration makes this even easier. If you’re using agileBase, looking at a contact record, just click  their ’email’ link and a new email will pop up in your preferred email application, pre-populated with

To: recipient address
Cc: agileBase address

so the email contents will automatically go back to be logged against that contact as soon as it’s sent.

Now there’s no need to remind everyone to use the ‘cc’ email address, it’ll just automatically happen.

This can be used with sales opportunities as well, or any other area of the system where contacts might be emailed.

This option fits in nicely with the full circle email integration for comments released a couple of weeks ago, i.e. where you can reply to the email generated by the system when a user adds a comment, to have the reply automatically logged in the system too. Together, these features make it really easy for full details of conversations between staff and customers/suppliers to be stored even when people are on the road and may be using just their email rather than the full agileBase app.

To set this up

  • If you haven’t got a custom ‘cc’ address set up, please contact us and we’ll do that
  • In the administration interface, go to the relevant table e.g. contacts, click the ‘manage’ tab and select ‘options’
  • Complete the option ‘cc emails from this table to this address:’

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